Box, Browns & C.A.D.


With Christmas behind us, it was time to go underground again. Ben and I once again got up early and headed for Wiltshire. First stop was Box where there'd been reports of recent collapses which we wanted to photograph.

Ben looking back at a new crack in a rock that we'd just climbed around.


The crack in detail.


A new collapse in Cliftworks Passage that had happened sometime in the last two weeks.


Ben clambering over what was the ceiling until recently.

Our friend 'Root' looking back at a section that had delaminated but not fallen.


Ben on the other side of the collapse.


Moving on.


Ben with the Crab Winch.

Ben leading the way back through the collapse.


The dog and puppy that Max and Ben built the last time we were in Box.


Ben climbing down a well near Jack's Entrance.

Part 2