Box Freestone Quarry

27th September 2008

Max wanted to take his friend Mathew on a trip down a mine, so once again we got up at stupid-o-clock and headed off to Wiltshire. Two hours into our drive, and with just half an hour to go, poor Mathew threw up in the car. We have no choice but to drive the two hours back home. Now that should have spelled the end of the trip, but we'd also arrange to meet our friend Barry outside Swan mine for his first trip underground. We cleaned up the car, left Max and Mathew behind, and Ben and I once again headed towards Wiltshire. After six and a half hours driving we finally arrived at our destination. We decided to abandon Swan Mine for another day, and headed straight for Box Freestone Quarry.


Ben and Barry, ready to get dirty.


'Back Door' entrance.



Barry and Ben rest and watch some TV!

Ben with his one eared rabbit that he built the last time we were in Box.


A gargoyle.


Barry takes a picture of a well.


Barry's picture of the well.


Part 2