When we first moved into our new house everything seemed perfect... Then we started hearing noises from within the walls - MICE!!

We hit the internet shops and bought a variety of traps, and read about ways of getting rid of them. Let battle commence!


Mickey # 1

Method of capture - harpoon

Whilst Tracey and Lee were playing poker at the kitchen table, they heard a mouse behind some unpacked boxes. Lee investigated and the mouse ran out. Lee grabbed a broom whilst Tracey sought the safety of a chair. One miraculously accurate jab of the broom handle resulted in one squashed mouse.


Mickey # 2

In the days following the first mouse capture, we soon became aware that the problem wasn't solved. Although we didn't hear any mouse activity, we were getting a few droppings, so with Lee far away we had to rely on the traps. I'll let the pictures tell the story:


Mickey # 3

After the joy of capturing mouse two, we set a few more traps just in case. A few days later Ben peered into one of the humane traps, (it captures but does not kill). He had the fright of his life when a little mouse leapt up to greet him! I bundled the mouse, (still in trap), into my work bag and took him on my daily cycle ride to the station. Close to the station there is a park, where I set the mickey free. He was very pleased, bid me good day, and ran off into the bushes.

There has been no evidence of mouse activity for a few weeks now, so it looks like the mickeys have left the building.